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Life to Eagle

Extra Eagle Information

  • Eagle Extension Form – Click Here
  • “Digital” Eagle Application, What do I need to include? – Click Here

Having trouble downloading or opening the Eagle Project Workbook? Read the instructions carefully. Save to Computer, Edit in Adobe Reader – not in a browser.

Eagle Scout Service Project Approval

  • Must be a Life Scout and have District approval before beginning any work on the project
  • To obtain District approval, Scouts should contact Mr. Larry Simpkin via email at: and copy with the following information:
  • In the email include the Scout’s name, age, troop number, phone number, and a brief description of the proposed project.
  • The Scout will then call Mr. Simpkin at 714-894-7975 to be assigned a project advisor. Please wait at least a day before calling so Mr. Simpkin has time to review the project description.
  • A project advisor will be assigned to review the project proposal and help finalize the paperwork before the Scout begins their project. No work should be started on the project until the Scout has received approval from the advisor.
  • The project must benefit a religious institution, school, or your community, and present an opportunity for the Scout to demonstrate planning, development, and leadership. It cannot involve routine labor or maintenance.
  • Scouts must use the current version of the BSA Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook (see link above).
  • Service projects that are expected to raise more than $1,000 (except from exempt parties) must utilize the Eagle Scout Service Project Fundraising Application. This $1,000 limit of non-exempt funds applies to the total of cash and gifts in kind. A Fundraising application is not required, regardless of amount raised, if all funds come from exempt parties (the candidate, their parents, their relatives, their unit or its chartered organization, parents or members of their unit, or the beneficiary).

Advanced Notice for 18 Year Olds

Scouts turning 18, not parents or leaders, should contact Mr. Robin Templin (714-397-0983) at least 30 days before their 18th birthday to discuss timing, even if paperwork is not completed. This is common courtesy, and helps ensure that we have an adult who can meet with the Scout when he is ready. A Scout is Courteous.

Stopping the Clock

All requirements for the Eagle rank must be completed, including the application, Eagle Project Workbook, and Scoutmaster Conference, no later than the day before the Scout’s 18th birthday. The Scoutmaster Conference “stops the clock,” assuming all requirements are completed.

Please note that the Eagle requirements do not change for a “cardiac Eagle”. All requirements must be completed. No more, no less.

Eagle Application Process

When a Scout is ready to submit his application for district review, they should call Mr. Robin Templin (714-397-0983). He will assign the Scout to one of the members of the district advancement team, who will meet with the Scout and review their application.

Scouts need to submit the following:

  • completed Eagle application (most current version), including signatures from the Scoutmaster and Committee Chair. NOTE: Always use the latest version of the Eagle application provided by the BSA (do not use other web sites), you can find it {HERE}.
  • completed Eagle project workbook, including signatures from Scoutmaster and project beneficiary. Find the latest version {HERE}.
  • Scouts BSA Handbook, with all sections for Eagle rank completed and signed by Scoutmaster. Must include pages with the latest advancement requirements. For the latest requirements and a PDF of pages {HERE}.
  • A computer printout of the Scout’s advancement record from Orange County Council.

No religious reference? On the Eagle application, list parents on the line for religious reference, since it was their parents’ responsibility to expose them to religion. Scouts have the option of writing a “Statement of Religious Belief.”

Leaders, please review the applications before signing them. We send back nearly half of the Scouts due to incomplete or inaccurate information. This creates extra work for our team, and would be avoided if leaders did a more thorough job during the Scoutmaster Conference.

District Board of Review

Mr. Templin will schedule the District Eagle Board of Review and select board members. Scouts do not have the option of inviting specific adults.

The Board of Review cannot be scheduled until the Eagle application has been approved by Orange County Council.

Scouts must use the Orange County Council confidential appraisal form, which can be found {HERE}. Appraisals should be mailed directly to Mr. Templin by the person providing the appraisal. These should not be sent to the Scout Office. Scouts, it helps if you give a stamped & addressed envelope to the people providing you an appraisal.

Help us manage the expectations of Scouts and their parents. It takes 4-5 weeks to process the application at Orange County Council, collect appraisal letters, schedule board members, and reserve a meeting room.

We want the district board to be a positive experience for the Scout. Please let me know ahead of time if the Scout has medical or learning disabilities. This will allow me to select appropriate adults for the board of review. Also, consider holding a mock board if the Scout is shy or uncomfortable speaking with adults.

Mr. Robin Templin
Pacifica District Eagle Process Chair
16601 Ross Lane
Huntington Beach, CA 92647

Please let your Scouts know that we are volunteers, so please don’t call during business hours