Camperall 2018 is scheduled for October 12-14, 2018.


Leader Guide from 2018:

2018 Leader Guide

Pre-Camperall Flyer Oct 6
Competitive Event HELPS

Training Videos and Helps

These 4 events will not have "Practice Runs". They will be open in both the morning and afternoon. Patrols will only visit these events once.
Knots Training Event 101 and 104 Kims Game and Obstacle Course

Knots Training Event 102

BSA 101
BSA101 Questions

Knots Training Event 103

Fire Building

- Denner Instructions
- Advancement and Activity Badges during Camperall
- Skit Help

Please contact Mr. Herpy to enlist Boy Scout help in training your Webelos Patrol!



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This year's Camperall is sure to be another exciting event where Pacifica District hunts for future Eagle scouts amongst our Webelos and AOL ranks. This year's Camperall theme is "The IncredibleZ – Superheroes In Training".

We are in the hunt for Webelos and AOLs that want to experience the thrill of open skills competitions as they demonstrate their readiness compete with hundreds of their fellow Webelos and AOLs from around Pacifica District.

Campmaster Registration

You will need to set up a Campmaster account to register.

Webelos and AOLs should expect a mix of exhilarating Scouting skill competitions, opportunties to show Scout spirit, and two nights of camping fun.

They'll be surrounded by hundreds of Boy Scouts and adult Scouters and will have some seriously fun making Camperall memories. That's what Webelos/AOL Camperall is all about.


Our Camperall staff is working diligently to finalize all of the details for the event. We will be communicating through email and through the website. If you'd like to be added to the Webelos/AOL parent communication list, please email the Camperall Chairman, John Herpy at Please include your pack number and whether you are working with Webelos or AOLs.



Competitive Event HELPS

Training Videos and Helps

These 4 events will have "Practice Runs" in the morning and "Full Competition" in the afternoon. Patrols may visit these events twice. There is an option to have the patrol compete the first time they run through the event. Your patrol must inform the troop running the competition that your patrol would like to be scored their first time through.

Knots TrainingEvent 201

The 5 Knots
- Bowline Knot
- Overhand Knot
- Square Knot
- Taut Line Hitch
- Two Half Hitches

Knots TrainingEvent 202

Tent Building

Knots TrainingEvent 203

First Aid
First Aid Event Help
Camperall 1st Aid Scenarios that will be tested:
- "Hurry Cases" - Stopped breathing, Internal poisoning.
- "non-Hurry Cases" -
Burns, Hypothermia

Knots TrainingEvent 204

Flag Ceremony
Flag Ceremony Examples




Event T301

Ultimate Frisbee

The Ultimate Frisbee Tournament will run during the morning and afternoon session. Please contact Mr. Herpy to sign up to compete!



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